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Figurations of Postmemory: An Introduction

Emmanuel Alloa, Pierre Bayard, Soko Phay – Journal of Literature and Trauma Studies, Volume 4, Numbers 1-2, Nebraska Press.

Année de parution : 2015

« To conceptualize this often described but as such nameless phenomenon whereby someone is strongly marked by distressing events that preceded that person’s own birth and inhabits them as if they were private recollections,[...]

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Creation and Postmemory

Conference organizers : Pierre Bayard and Soko Phay-Vakalis (Paris 8 University), in collaboration with Bachir Souleymane Diagne (Columbia University) and François Cornilliat (Rutgers University)

The conference will examine how the arts and other creative forms harness indirect memory and ensure its transmission through a variety of archives and traces.[...]

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Ecrire l’extrême

Ecrire l’extrême, sous la direction de Pierre Bayard – Revue Europe, n°926-927, juin-juillet 2006

En quoi les œuvres liées aux crimes de masse déplacent-elles les catégories esthétiques existantes ou conduisent-elles à remettre en cause certaines représentations de l’art ?[...]

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